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Video of Suicide Bomber Effigy Burning for the work "Versed, Versus the Verses"
Mixed Media
16 x 8 ft painting, 6 ft effigy

Video showing the burning of a life size effigy of a suicide bomber that involves the process- "Auto Serendipitous Action Painting" or "ASAP" in which the figure is stuffed with fireworks, colored pigments (hues of black and red) and the shredded texts from downloaded articles from the internet relating to the controversial 164 "Jihad Verses" translated into english.

The work attempts to represent an alternative historical representation of the phenomenon of suicide bombing and the dynamics of sifting out through the "debris" serendipitous phrases and curious juxtaposition of words, patterns of pigments in our attempt to find some form of coherence or meaning after a very violent or chaotic episode.